Advantages and disadvantages Of X-ray.

Advantages :

  • ¬†Advantage of X-rays is that they are cheaper than other scanning devices. If a patient requires a medical scan, an X-ray costs health insurance plans less than a MRI or a CT scan. It is also cheaper for a hospital or a doctor’s office to maintain a X-ray machine than an MRI or CT scan machine
  • Another advantage to X-rays is that they are easier to use when compared to MRIs or CT scans. Emergency rooms often have ¬†X-ray machines to help patients . If a patient requires a MRI or CT scan, either an appointment must be set up or the patient must be transported to a hospital that has this technology readily available
  • Helps in Identifying cancer.
  • Helps in treating tumor and Bone fractures.



  • One disadvantage of X-rays is that they do not give detailed image of the body. MRI or CT scans are excellent tools if the doctor is trying to find a medical issue with organs, bone, the brain, and tissues.
  • They do not use same form of energy in all types of scanning.
  • Large exposure to the rays may cause Skin cancer.
  • Sometimes the DNA of the body is also notes to be changed.