Advantages and Disadvantages of ultra violet Rays.

The effects of UV radiations in terms of its harmful potential has been widely Show cased. UV radiations of various intensity and wavelength are employed for different purpose.


  • It helps in production of Vitamin D.
  • It is used in Fluorescent lamps which are used to treat jaundice and psoriasis.
  • UV lamps have been employed to sterilize work in spaces , Laboratories and tools etc.
  • UV light is used in pest control devices and fly traps.
  • UV radiation is used to study various Chemical Structures.
  • UV is employed in fine resolution Photolithography.
  • It helps in Authentication of Documents.
  • It is used to create Suntan, Such as Sun-tan beds.


  • Exposure to UV rays cause Skin cancer.
  • UV rays leads to Melanoma.
  • UV radiation may suppress proper functioning of the body’s immune system.
  • It caused cataracts and other eye damages.
  • It may even lead to premature aging.